Carol-Ring Robots

Tokyobike rode its carol-ringing robots to the streets last X'mas.

The Challenge:
The brief is to market Tokyobike as a gifting option during the Christmas shopping season. The challenge is how do we redefine a theme that has been overdone and still able to stand out from a crowd where every brand is communicating the same thing.

Solution / Idea:
Taking cues from the emotions of unwrapping a present and the element of surprise. We orchestrated an audacious campaign by transforming a couple of inconspicuous bicycles retrofitted with autonomous carol ringing bells.

The bikes were planted in shopping malls, underpasses, and areas with high human traffic. Unsuspecting passers-by were greeted by the carol-ringing bicycles as they came close to it. Each of these bells plays a different note and were programmed to play harmoniously together to ring a Christmas carol.

Here, for the first time, the carolers are robots, ones that put a smile on people's faces.