Bye Buy Me

Microsite showcasing auction items:

An ingenious way of hosting a live auction for Salvation Army.

The Favourite Website Awards (FWA) launched FWAwebTV - a 24/7 live-streamed online channel that allows leading creative agencies from across the globe to broadcast from their office once a week for one hour. Kinetic Design and Advertising was invited to be part of this project. This one-hour window gave the featured company free play. Some showcased their work and workplace. Kinetic ultilised this exposure to championed a worldwide charity to raise funds for the needy.

A live auction BYE BUY ME was created for The Salvation Army. Up for bidding were donated items from the Salvation Army's thrift store which have parted ways with their previous owners.

How it works:
1) We created a microsite showcasing the thrift store items that would be up for auction. Information on the live stream and how to bid these items could also be found there.

2) We drove awareness on social media leading up to the live event.

3) The live stream features a mysterious auctioneer showcasing the items that were up for bids. Interested buyers would then need a Twitter account to bid and payments were made via PayPal.