Gif Film Festival

Watch a full-length .gif film or edit your very own with the movie maker tool.

GIFFF is the Graphic Interchange Format Film Festival, an online experience where you can find yourself in the weird, whimsical and wonderful world of animated GIFs. Expect this film festival to be a crowd-puller to those in search of the new and unexpected, where no two films are ever the same. For those with a creative flair, you can direct and cut your very own film made up of animated GIFs.

We set out to make the process of being a director of your own “film” at GIFFF easy. A simple interface was created to let the user dive into a myriad of film genres and interesting categories, and draw inspiration and content from the vast resource available over the Internet. This allowed a free-for-all, no-holds-barred film festival with unpredictable plots and equally twisted stories.