Maki-San Website
& Animation Editor

A unique and quirky brand website that lets you send a customisable MTV-esque greeting video.

The Challenge:
How do you create a brand identity in an overcrowded and competitive Food / Beverage landscape?

Solution / Idea:
By focusing and amplify the cuisine and its culture, which is Japanese Maki roll. Maki-San is Singapore’s first ever fully customisable sushi store that offers a wide selection of fresh ingredients where diners can pick and choose precisely what goes into their Maki.

With this in mind, it's only natural that we use the vast variety of ingredients as the key visual representation and incorporating customisation as part of the idea. To make the customisation angle fun, we created an interactive and quirky tool on the website where users could send a customisable MTV-esque animation by picking their own "animated" ingredients to form a musical animation coupled with a personlised message. No two animations are quite the same, just like how every Maki roll is so unique. This project is done at Kinetic Design and Advertising. Illustrations: Esther Goh

Cannes Lions | Bronze - 360 Brand Identity: Experience/Consumer Services
One Show Interactive | Bronze - Animation/Motion Graphics
D&AD Wood Pencil | Illustration & design
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